Becoming Her is a documentary project about three transgender women's life experiences in mid-Missouri. It features Mazy, a 10-year-old gender independent child's struggle and joy as she goes through her own exploration of gender identity; Elise, a parent of three who not only faces the pressures from the transition itself, but also the changes it brings to her role in her family; and Cathy, an elderly transgender activist who battles with continuous life challenges.


Mazy is a 10-year-old gender independent child. She has gone through a turbulent time of bullying, anxiety and depression before and during her transition, and now finds peace in her new self.
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Best Documentary Short at New Jersey LGBT Film and Digital Media Fest
College Photographer of the Year - Silver Award
Official Selection at Plymouth Film Festival in England, DocuWest International Film Fest, Citizen Jane Film Festival, QFest St. Louis, and among others
Featured at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and St. Louis Public Radio


Elise Fountain started her transition to be a woman in the summer of 2015. As a parent of three, she is gradually adjusting and grappling with her role in her family. She now, not only, faces the pressure from the transition itself, but also the challenges it brings to her family. To her three children, Elise wants to establish a new title for herself as “mère”, the French word for mother.

life after transition

Cathy started her transition in 2011 after an attempted suicide. She lives in a home for the disabled in Linn, Mo., and speaks out for the transgender community in hopes of improving society's understanding of the group. Cathy has suffered from anxiety, depression and other emotional issues but strives to get back on her own and get closer with her family. She has five children and three grandchildren from her previous marriages.